About Us

Company History/Overview

Motor Parks, LLC, (“Motor Parks”) has been a leader in the parking industry since its creation in 1920. Motor Parks has extensive experience in the planning, development and construction of parking facilities throughout the United States. Motor Parks eventually evolved into System Parking, Inc., which for decades was one of the largest operating companies in the United States. With a history of both owning and operating parking facilities, our Company has a unique knowledge and understanding of our client’s needs. Today Motor Parks manages its parking facilities and provides parking consulting services for every aspect of the parking industry.


Motor Parks Inc.

(Local Brand/Parking Operations )


System Auto Parks, Inc.

(Regional Brand / Growth through Strategic Partnerships)


System Parking, Inc.

(National Brand / Industry Leader / Real Estate and Parking Operations)


System Property Development Company, Inc.

(Exit Parking Operations / Shift to Real Estate Growth & Development)


(Expanded Real Estate Holdings: 100M to 500M)


Motor Parks, LLC.

(Return to Parking Operations)

Company Culture


We value professionalism, customer service, and cleanliness, qualities that we believe enhance the customer experience and bottom lines of our clients. We are client and guest focused, delivering highly competitive returns to clients and the highest quality service to our guests.

We focus on exceeding customer expectations through custom design of the most efficient professional and safe parking programs.